Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 2010

They updated? No way! I know it has been a long time since there has been any activity on this site, but we have been just plain busy. Hope you enjoy the picture log of the past 4 months.

To start though I need to make sure to wish Adam a Happy Birthday! It was the beginning of February. He is amazing, juggling school, research, family, and church demands and yet we still get to spend lots and lots of time together. Zaida and I could not imagine our lives with out you!

Smile BIG!

After a very cold January, Zaida and I have been on lots of excursions.

We give two thumbs way up for the University of Nebraska State Museum: Morrill Hall (a.k.a. the Dinosaur Museum)

and the Lincoln Children's Museum!

January 2010

Look what I can make "Edible" Art!

Little Miss Mommy.

Dad is the BEST Playmate!
Eden's Sewing Adventures: Matching/Memory Bean Bags and the Alphabet.

Zaida loves the matching ones because she can identify the animals and place the match on top. The alphabet will come in handy when we learn letters and start to spell since I have a double set.

Christmas 2009

Christmas as a Family in Lincoln before our trek West.
Thanks Great Grandpa and Grandma Clark for the new Horse!

Barbie and Grandpa Z - What could be better?
I LOVE Bolt!!! Thanks Grandma Summers for watching it with me.
Dad and Zaida lounging around. I love Dora PJ's!


Making sure Grandpa Summers and Uncle Lars don't cheat.

December 2009

I love Winter!!!

I love play in the Snow...
... and sometimes fall down.

I love to decorate the Christmas Tree!

November 2009

November was full of lots of Activities:

Played with Jane - Happy Birthday!!!

Played at the UNL Farm Animal Day.

Played in the leaves.

Did NOT cry over spilt milk.

Was very grateful that my first Turkey was success!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We deprived Zaida of the opportunity to go trick-or-treating because we really did not know where to go, but she still got to wear her costume for two days. She and Eden dressed up for the ward party. Eden and Zaida both went as bugs.

This past week Eden and Zaida also got to go to a pumpkin patch where Zaida tromped around exploring corn fields and pumpkins. Lately Zaida has been on a kick where she needs to have her shoes on if she is awake just in case she has the chance to slip outside. This past week her favorite pair have been this bright red pair. She loves to hear the sound that they make when she walks on the tile floors. While Eden was out shopping with her, she would start marching in place just to hear the clanking sound that they make. At home she will take normal sized steps across the carpet, but as soon as she reaches the kitchen she starts taking as small of steps as possible just to hear the clank (It is always nice to have another woman clanking around in high heels).

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zaida's Birthday

It's hard to believe that a year ago we were sitting in the NICU for a week waiting to take Zaida home. We have been blessed since then with a happy, healthy little girl with a knack for adventure. This last week we were able to have Eden's parents visit to help celebrate Zaida's birthday. She didn't seem to mind the extra attention and loved to "talk" to her grandparents and walk around the apartment back and forth from one person to the other to see what everyone was doing.

On her birthday everyone went outside to enjoy the day. While outside one of our neighbors came out and offered everyone an otter pop. Zaida's got spilt on the side walk so Eden got some water to wash it off. The water end up in the grass/dirt making mud that Zaida found and enjoyed playing with.

After dinner we came home and Zaida got to open her presents. Notice Eden's white necklace that Zaida is wearing. She has worn that thing for probably the past week and has become quite attached to it. If she sees it she has to wear it. She will then start walking around the apartment taking the necklace off and putting it back on. Zaida was more interested in a DVD from the library than opening her presents, but once she pulled out her new toys she seemed pretty pleased with the product. It was hard to get her to put them down so we could have her pull out the other items in the bags.

Before the night ended we stripped Zaida down to her diaper and sat her in the her high chair for the ever messy cake and ice cream eating. Eden cut her a piece of cake and we placed it right in front of her. She touched the icing but didn't want to pick it up, so Eden got a fork and we gave her a bite. She smiled as though she liked it but wouldn't eat anymore so I gave her another bite off the fork. This time she took about half of it. It was about this time that she noticed the banana she had been carrying around prior to being placed in her chair. She motioned for me to open it and then began eating it until it was finished, this was a strange feat due to the fact that she usually will only eat one or two bites of banana. Upon completing the banana she started fussing to be let out of her chair so she got down and that was it.